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Invisible Me Exhibition


This exhibit contains photographs, poems and statistics about: mental illness, depression, anxiety, suicide and chronic pain. This exhibit is to inform and bring awareness to students what these illnesses might feel like. I want to promote kindness to others and self-care.

Invisible Me Exhibition photos and poems take you into the mind of someone with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This will help you understand how it feels in hope that you will have compassion and treat others kindly. There are so many people suffering in silence. You never know how much your words and actions might hurt. We all need love and support.

my invisible pain photo.jpg
my invisible pain.jpg
pain warrior.jpg
pain warrior photo.jpg
masks we wear photo.JPG
masks we wear.jpg
pain you will never know.jpg
pain you will never know photo.jpg
dangerous thoughts photo.jpg
dangerous thoughts.jpg
darkness within me.jpg
darkness within me photo.jpg
my wishing photo.jpg
my wishing.jpg
cant breathe.jpg
cant breath photo.jpg
breaking photo.jpg
final chapter.jpg
final chapter photo.jpg
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