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It’s okay to be human

Tonight, I lost it. Starting crying and couldn’t stop. Why? Because I tried to be strong for too long.

Big mistake. For weeks I could feel it building up and knew that I would crack eventually.

Side note: Of course, it had to be when I was supposed to sing in front of the whole church. Have you ever cried in the basement of church for no reason?? Not the most private place to deal with emotion. Anyway…

Why did I need to share that embarrassing story??

The point of this story is to say: It’s okay to be human! Don’t hold it all inside. We are all human and need to take time to be sad and have moments of weakness. No one can be strong forever.

Being human means, we will have pain. Pain can hurt and tear you down. It is important to understand that sometimes you just need to cry and let it all out. Or don’t cry if that’s not your thing. Find a way to release all the emotions you feel (Just please do so in a safe manner – punching a wall could break your hand FYI – just trust me on this one – and no, I have never punched a wall and broken my hand)

Talk to a friend. Talk to a counselor. Talk to your parents. Talk to your dog. Find the open ears that help you the most.

Just remember, it’s okay to be human

With love,


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