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Will you take the pledge with me?

I am passionate about being a friend to others, showing love and always have open arms. So many people are mistreated today, feel left out and are bullied. This needs to change. Please, include others and always be kind.

I am always researching organizations that are related to invisible illnesses and this is one that was introduced to me by a friend. The Dignity Revolution is a comprehensive, customizable and interactive bullying prevention program that provides culture change to improve overall academic learning. Go to their website and check out all the things that they do and offer:

Today I am taking this pledge of kindness and anti-bullying with over 50,000 people. Will you take the pledge with me?

I pledge to stand up for the worth, value, and dignity of every person, and I commit to be a part of the Dignity Revolution.

I pledge and commit…

  1. To be kind, friendly, humane, compassionate, and thoughtful of others.

  2. To be loving, for love is not an emotion, but a decision.

  3. To be a person of peace, that as far as it depends on me, I will be at peace with everyone.

  4. To be a person of patience.

  5. To be a person of goodness.

  6. To always bring true joy everywhere, while sincerely acknowledging the sorrow, sadness, and brokenness in the world.

  7. To be a person of faithfulness.

  8. To be a person of gentleness.

  9. To be a person of self-control in society, whatever life brings.

  10. To be a friend to all.

To take the pledge click this link and fill out their form:

Do you have a pledge that you know of that you want me to share?? As always I love hearing about other organizations and people working to make the world kinder so feel free to comment or message me about anything!

Even without this pledge and others similar to it, I still challenge all of you to always be kind. You never know what someone is going through and how much kind words could mean to them. Thanks everyone!

With love,


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