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I am a warrior.

For Christmas this year all I wanted was a necklace that said warrior.

I have been working on my positivity and strength for a while now. One day, I was searching for positive quotes and I found a few that referenced being a warrior, a fighter, a survivor. The word warrior hasn’t left my mind since. It is my thread of hope, courage and strength.

I wear the necklace everyday as a reminder that I am strong and I can do this. Every time I feel weak from the pain, I touch the necklace and it brings me back to my positive mind goal. I just need that reminder of hope, courage and strength.

I think we all need these reminders sometimes. The pain and suffering that we all feel can be hard to ignore and move forward. Many people get tattoos that are their reminder. Some people hang quotes all over their room.

What keeps you going everyday through your suffering? What is your daily reminder of your strength and hope? Find a way to remind yourself to stay positive and think of your strength, courage and your motivation to fight your struggle.

I hope you can find a quote that resonates in your heart and gives you that motivation to fight whatever battles are in your life right now. Stay strong everyone.

With love,


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