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World MS Day on May 30!

The 2019 campaign will be called My Invisible MS (#MyInvisibleMS) and the theme is Visibility.

My Invisible MS will raise awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and the unseen impact of MS on quality of life.

The campaign will give a voice to everyone affected by MS to share their invisible MS symptoms and express what you want others to know and understand about MS, in order to challenge common misconceptions and help people understand how to provide the right support.

There are many ways to get involved in World MS Day and use and adapt the My Invisible MS campaign. You can take part in the campaign online and on social media, hold an event to bring people together for World MS Day, lobby your decision makers to make positive changes for people affected by MS…there are so many possibilities!

Making #MyInvisibleMS visible!

See all of the social media around World MS Day this year.

Remember to include the #MyInvisibleMS hashtag in your Tweets, Instagrams and videos to be featured on this page.


For more information visit:

There are so many invisible illnesses out there. Days like this remind us of how many people out there are suffering! Always remember to love and support each other!!

With love, Meghan

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