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Let’s support each other!

In my last blog post I shared how my chronic pain has been getting worse over the past few months. For those of you who suffer from an invisible illness, you know that there are ups and downs. Honestly, I thought that I was getting better and then all of a sudden, things took a turn and it has been hard. Luckily my family and boyfriend have been very supportive while I find my way right now.

There are many people out there suffering with invisible illnesses like me and they need to be shown love, kindness and support through their life.

Supporting someone can mean many things and everyone needs different kinds of support.

ASK them what you can do instead of automatically assuming you know how to help. You do not know how they are feeling. Certain advice or words might hurt them more than help them and it is important to be aware of what your loved one needs from you.

Let’s look at me for example: I get a lot of suggestions on what I can do to “get better”. I know they are just trying to help but this overwhelms me and stresses me out. I already feel exhausted and know I have a million ways to improve. Sometimes I just need love and support when I am feeling my worst. I just need someone to tell me that they are there for me, hug me and distract me from my pain for a little while.

Everyone needs something different.

Those of you who struggle like me, don’t be afraid to share your struggles with those who care about you. We all need a support system. Tell them how they can help. Tell them what doesn’t help you! You need to take care of yourself no matter what. Find the things and people that will help you the most.

Always remember, you are not alone.

With love, Meghan

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