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Self-Care during COVID 19

Prioritize self-care!

Set a self-care plan.

Be kind to yourself.

Here are some tips for self-care during this time.


Limit excessive media exposure

Do not overwhelm with info

Follow trusted sources


Reach out for emotional support

Contact love ones by text, call, facetime, zoom etc.

Isolation is detrimental to our health

Look for ways to help your community: blood donations, helping the elderly, or donate supplies or money to local organizations


Deep breathing


Calming sounds


Be grateful for each day


Focus on what we can control

Create a daily routine

Brainstorm and set activity goals

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night

Exercise and stretch daily


Honor & Distract

Acknowledge fear and anxiety

Talk to family or friends about how you are feeling

Find active ways to divert attention: puzzle, readying, crafting, bake, play board games, watch a movie, take an online course, go for a walk outside (follow social distancing guidelines)

I hope these tips will help you and your loved ones practice good self-care during this pandemic. Make sure to take care of each other and be kind to yourself! You are not alone!

With love,


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