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Remember when...

Remember when you felt weak and broken?

Remember when the pain was too much to bear?

Remember when you felt hopeless?

Remember when…

Lately I have been reminiscing. I think back to when I first created the Invisible Me Exhibition. Back to when I was dreaming of creating this website and blog.

In my mind, I can see the hills and valley I have risen and fell into. My pain experience has been a roller coaster ride. I have had some really bad times, but I have also had many good times. It has gone up and down more times than I can even count. I think my biggest fear is that I will eventually fall back into the valley but no! I will do whatever I can to stay strong and live with a pain that is bearable. Luckily right now, I can handle it and I can live my life the way I want to (for the most part).

How many of you have been on the pain roller coaster ride? How many up and downs have you had? Are you in a good place right now? Or are you deep in a valley of pain? I’ve been in both, and I know that feeling hopeless is easier than having hope. Let me be your hope! Never give up. Do not let the pain drag you down. Fight and have hope that you will get better. I know you can do it! Stay strong and find people to support you.

It is scary to think back to my most painful days. It makes me feel sick almost. I never want to go back. There are many ways to take care of yourself and ease the pain. Everyone’s body is different which means you have to work hard to find what works for you. It’s okay to feel sad and have days of hopelessness. But then you must focus and shift your mind and decide to live and fight.

Hang in there everyone. Find support. Hope is out there! Fight for it!

With love, Meghan

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