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Where have I been??

Where have I been?

I know it has been a while since I posted on my blog. I am here to change that! I am back and ready to grow this website and succeed in spreading the word and talking about invisible illnesses. Unfortunately, I feel as though I am at a stand still in my own personal illness. I have a lot of options, but I am not sure which road to take next. I guess most people feel that way at some point in your life. Any advice? Stay tuned for any revelations I have.

So… what have I been doing and why was I MIA for the past few months? Well, I have been living it up in New York working for the Corning Museum of Glass. If you don’t know, I am a glass artist and I love teaching others about glass and helping them experience art. So basically… It. Was. Awesome. I am so happy I could work there for a few months as an intern and get a full experience of what it takes to run their glass studio. Now I am back in Wisconsin with new goals and aspirations of where to go next. The Corning Museum of Glass was just one amazing experience on my road to happiness.

Despite the pain I feel every day, I am determined to be happy and feel successful. Right now, I am both of those things. Just a quick rundown of what makes me say that…

  • I just graduated from UWSP with a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art and Arts Management.

  • I have amazing intern experiences that have led me to where I am

  • I am starting an etsy to sell my artwork and show people my work! Stay tuned for the publishing date!

  • I feel kind of famous because I have been on the news, in newspapers, on the radio and who knows what else because of my amazing experiences.

  • One of those amazing experiences was building a $5,000 public art piece at UWSP Treehaven in Tomahawk, WI (I will be posting more information soon)

  • While building the labyrinth, I met an amazing boy who has been supporting me, loving me, and helping my dreams come true! Shout out to my boyfriend Ryan!

  • Now I am back in Wisconsin and have been spending a lot of time with my family and giving back to the community

I must stop myself there because I said “quick”. Obviously, I have a lot of exciting things that have happened, are happening and will be happening. More posts will be coming soon! If anyone wants to hear more about a topic please message me and send me your request! Life is a long learning journey! I want to learn more and I hope that you learn from what I share.

I am back and ready to share more and grow this website! Keep your eye open for more posts.

And remember, love those around you!

With love,


PS enjoy some of my photos from my recent experiences in the slideshow below!


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