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How do you interpret art?

Since this website also features an art exhibit, I wanted to talk about the purpose behind art.

That’s really good. I really like it. Your did a great job.

These all are typical responses I get when people look at my art. Only the response isn’t always what I want to or need to hear. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear that people like my work but that only tells me that it’s visually appealing and nice to look at. I want much more than it to look nice.

I want my art to matter. I want it to mean something and say something. My art is an opening for people to understand me and what matters in my life. My questions are deeper than “do you like it?” I want to know “Do people really understand my work? Do they know why I created it or why it’s so important?” When I show my work no one asks me why I made it or what the meaning behind my art is. Do people understand art has more purpose than to just admire? There is meaning! There is always a bigger idea behind my art than “I just want it to look good”. Sometimes the weirdest ugliest looking piece is my favorite because of the concept and not its looks. I don’t think many people understand that there is a lot of inspiration in art work. Audience members: Do you ever ask what the concept is? Or why the artist created the piece? If you have a chance to talk to an artist about their artwork you should. You could gain some insight behind their art and who they are as a person. Artwork is very revealing but sometimes you have to look a little deeper before you can see and understand. Most artists would be more than happy to chat about their art and share their passion with you.

Next time you go to a museum or see some artwork, try to look at it with new eyes. Don’t just look at the surface. Look deeper. Search for a possible concept. How does the piece make you feel? Happy? Sad? Confused? There is a reason for that. Yes art is nice to look at. But art can also be a lesson to understanding people around you. Be active when looking at art. Try to “read between the lines” and figure out the artist’s concept. Who knows, you could learn something from the art in the process.

You may not think this is relevant to you if you are not an art person but each and every one of us is a work of art. Trying to understand our friends and family can be just as difficult as understanding paintings and drawings. Dig deeper into all relationships in your lives because all of us have a desire to be understood and accepted but we first need people to care enough to ask.

With love,


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